Europe From Above Series 3

Sundays from 5th September 2021



This spectacular aerial journey reveals Norway as it’s never been seen before


Drone photography captures glorious Croatia from a brand-new perspective


Unique aerial view reveals the secrets of Portugal, Europe’s western limit.


A unique aerial view reveals the secrets of Switzerland, as never before.


Unique aerial photography reveals Ireland, Europe’s Emerald Isle.


Unique aerial photography reveals Iceland, Europe’s land of fire and ice.

The Series

This series of spectacular aerial journeys reveal the world’s most remarkable nations as they’ve never been seen before.  From erupting volcanoes in Iceland, to pristine Roman amphitheatres in Croatia and riding record breaking waves in Portugal.  This all access aerial documentary lays bare the traditions, innovations and engineering breakthroughs that continue to shape these great modern nations today.

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6 x 60' for Nat Geo UK