The Film

In July 2011, Space Shuttle Atlantis will blast-off from the Kennedy Space Center, marking the end of an era. After 34 flights into space, this iconic craft, along with the rest of the shuttle fleet, is entering retirement.

The combined effort of thousands of people, from every corner of the globe, will be brought together in one place, for one awe-inspiring moment – the final space shuttle launch.

This film winds back the clock and follows the shuttle as it is prepared for its last mission. It draws on personal testimonies of key characters - the engineers, astronauts and others who have spent their lives working on the Shuttle Program. For them, this flight is loaded with mixed emotions, immense pride and nostalgia for the program and great sadness that it is coming to an end.

Our contributors will give us a behind the scenes look at this magnificent machine and tell us about their part in the history of the shuttle program. Their testimony is illustrated with iconic library film. The film climaxes with the launch as we follow our main characters witnessing this emotional and historic event. 

Executive Producer
Production Manager
for Discovery Science Channel, Discovery UK