Family Farmhouse

Turning an old disused oast house in Kent into a dream forever home

First Time Home

Transforming a mid 19th century chapel, which was never designed to be lived in

Futuristic Smart Home

Turning a dusty, dirty, derelict building from the early 1900’s into a state of the art, futuristic home

Colossal Cathedral

Plans to turn a colossal church into a palatial home

Historic Cattle Barn

Transforming a 200-year-old derelict cattle barn into a luxurious and sustainable home

Victorian Mill House

Rebuilding and converting an old historic abandoned and derelict watermill

200 Year Old Barn

Transforming a grade II derelict and deserted old timber barn

Century Old Hall

Restoring a one hundred and ten year old former Salvation Army Hall into a spectacular state of the art 21st century home

200 Year Old Barn

In Suffolk, retired GP Peter Kilner is preparing to take on a restoration project of epic proportions.  Peter currently lives in and owns a beautiful 18th century cottage which he’s spent 3 years lovingly restoring all by himself, turning it from a run-down empty shell of a building into a charming and picturesque family home; but Peter has always had his eye on the adjacent Grade 11 derelict and deserted old timber barn which came with the cottage, and now he’s planning to turn those dreams into a reality.

Peter is endeavouring to hire master craftsmen to rebuild the crumbling flint stone walls while expert roofers replace and rebuild rotting wood work,  crumbling timbers and 6000 slate tiles to make the entire barn water tight.  Whilst trying to faithfully maintain the barn’s historical structure, Peter will be aiming to create a modern, contemporary feel within this large beautiful frame.  Peter will also be mixing old and new by introducing industrial features and elements such as a hand crafted, labour intensive, wood and metal balustrade . It certainly won’t be straightforward and Peter will find out that doing things by yourself isn’t always the easier option.

Will Peter’s budget of £450,000 keep the build on track and more importantly will he be able to complete this project within a year?

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