Family Farmhouse

Turning an old disused oast house in Kent into a dream forever home

First Time Home

Transforming a mid 19th century chapel, which was never designed to be lived in

Futuristic Smart Home

Turning a dusty, dirty, derelict building from the early 1900’s into a state of the art, futuristic home

Colossal Cathedral

Plans to turn a colossal church into a palatial home

Historic Cattle Barn

Transforming a 200-year-old derelict cattle barn into a luxurious and sustainable home

Victorian Mill House

Rebuilding and converting an old historic abandoned and derelict watermill

200 Year Old Barn

Transforming a grade II derelict and deserted old timber barn

Century Old Hall

Restoring a one hundred and ten year old former Salvation Army Hall into a spectacular state of the art 21st century home

Colossal Cathedral

In this episode, architect Charlie Luxton meets newlyweds electrician Sean and scrapyard owner Debs, who together take on the monumental challenge of transforming a Grade 2 listed church in Yorkshire. Built nearly 180 years ago they plan to turn this colossal church into a palatial home big enough to entertain their large extended family.

They have a healthy build budget of £400,000 AND paid just £85,000 for the building, which sounds cheap, but this building was never built to be lived in.  The footprint is 450 square meters and the steeple soars 36 meters into the air, it’s so vast they intend to build a 3-storey house within it.

Tested to the limit almost daily Sean and Debs battle through a catalogue of setbacks, desperate to create their dream home and save this historic structure.