Family Farmhouse

Turning an old disused oast house in Kent into a dream forever home

First Time Home

Transforming a mid 19th century chapel, which was never designed to be lived in

Futuristic Smart Home

Turning a dusty, dirty, derelict building from the early 1900’s into a state of the art, futuristic home

Colossal Cathedral

Plans to turn a colossal church into a palatial home

Historic Cattle Barn

Transforming a 200-year-old derelict cattle barn into a luxurious and sustainable home

Victorian Mill House

Rebuilding and converting an old historic abandoned and derelict watermill

200 Year Old Barn

Transforming a grade II derelict and deserted old timber barn

Century Old Hall

Restoring a one hundred and ten year old former Salvation Army Hall into a spectacular state of the art 21st century home

Futuristic Smart Home

Jerry and Kimberley have been looking for their dream property for two years and have now finally found the perfect church in the perfect location in West Yorkshire.

They’ve sold their 5 bedroomed, family home and together with their two daughters, are living in a small cramped bungalow whilst the renovation and construction takes place – but this is taking its toll and Kimberley is fed up of sharing the bathroom with her teenage daughters!

However, turning this dusty, dirty, derelict building from the early 1900’s into a state of the art, modern, futuristic 21st century smart home is no easy undertaking especially as they are retaining original features as well as adding a contemporary two-storey extension to the church, more than doubling the footprint of the property.

The plan is to create a very modern smart hub where everything in the property - from the televisions and sound systems to heating, lighting and security cameras - will all be run from one laptop.  This will be incredibly complicated not to mention costly  -will Kimberley make the right design choices, will Jerry agree with them? Have they bitten off more than they can chew and will a year, their anticipated build time, realistically be long enough?