Family Farmhouse

Turning an old disused oast house in Kent into a dream forever home

First Time Home

Transforming a mid 19th century chapel, which was never designed to be lived in

Futuristic Smart Home

Turning a dusty, dirty, derelict building from the early 1900’s into a state of the art, futuristic home

Colossal Cathedral

Plans to turn a colossal church into a palatial home

Historic Cattle Barn

Transforming a 200-year-old derelict cattle barn into a luxurious and sustainable home

Victorian Mill House

Rebuilding and converting an old historic abandoned and derelict watermill

200 Year Old Barn

Transforming a grade II derelict and deserted old timber barn

Century Old Hall

Restoring a one hundred and ten year old former Salvation Army Hall into a spectacular state of the art 21st century home

First Time Home

In this episode Charlie Luxton is in Devon meeting Alice Deuchar- a professional photographer - and Daniel Shamroth AKA Shammy, a musician.  Alice and Shammy are a very creative couple and spend their spare time scouring Devon's car boot sales and thrift shops hunting down bargains.

Alice and Shammy have been renting and living together for ten years but are now getting onto the property ladder for the very first time as they've managed to bag themselves the ultimate bargain property, for only forty thousand pounds. However, the property they've found is a mid 19th century chapel, tucked away in the Devon countryside, which was never designed to be lived in. Alice and Shammy's plan is to maintain and preserve as much of the chapel's original design, structure and fittings but after years of neglect, the chapel is going to need a lot of creative problem solving to turn it into a dream home. This will be their biggest up-cycle project to date; with a limited £60,000 build budget, they plan to do most of the work themselves, but transforming a chapel of this calibre on such a shoestring budget  will definitely test them to the limit....and with such limited resources, they'll need to call in numerous favours and rely on the support of all their friends and family.

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