The Film

A landmark one-hour documentary exploring the secrets of NASA’s Perseverance Mars Rover and its mission to answer the question: was there ever life on the red planet? This film charts the story of Perseverance’s construction, launch and historic landing on Mars. The film fuses dynamic actuality following NASA scientists, expert interviews and immersive CGI animation to take an in depth look at the Rover’s engineering and the mysteries it will investigate once it touches down on the surface of Mars.

The film will reveal the unique technologies that Perseverance will use to sniff out the signs of ancient life in a 4-billion-year-old river delta on the Martian surface. It explores how the Rover - the size of an SUV - carries an experimental helicopter called Ingenuity that will be the first aircraft to fly on another planet. And the film showcases the ingenious experiments onboard Perseverance that could lay the groundwork for humans to one day live on another world. 

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1 x 60' for Discovery Science Channel