Floating Piano Boat

A one of a kind aquatic home come floating concert hall and hotel

First Time Floating Home

A 1970’s canal boat as a first time home

Tiny Floating Home

From South Africa to build a bespoke floating home in Bedford

Historic Cargo Ship Home

Transforming a 1950’s Dutch Cargo Ship

Monster Floating Home

A titanic 254 ton industrial cement carrier turned into a dream waterborne home

Luxury Narrowboat Home

A high spec narrow boat for a bold life adventure

Floating Village Home

Building a home that will be part of a pioneering floating village

Luxury Floating Home

An enormous, uber modern waterborne home on Vancouver Island’s East Coast

Luxury Narrowboat Home

After surviving a heart attack 15 years ago, newly retired 55 year old boating enthusiast Colin Stewart's embarking on a bold life adventure.  He's planning to spend half the year cruising Britain's waterways on a high spec narrow boat,'Tickin Along'

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