Floating Piano Boat

A one of a kind aquatic home come floating concert hall and hotel

First Time Floating Home

A 1970’s canal boat as a first time home

Tiny Floating Home

From South Africa to build a bespoke floating home in Bedford

Historic Cargo Ship Home

Transforming a 1950’s Dutch Cargo Ship

Monster Floating Home

A titanic 254 ton industrial cement carrier turned into a dream waterborne home

Luxury Narrowboat Home

A high spec narrow boat for a bold life adventure

Floating Village Home

Building a home that will be part of a pioneering floating village

Luxury Floating Home

An enormous, uber modern waterborne home on Vancouver Island’s East Coast

Tiny Floating Home

Trish Urquhart and Richard Beynon fell in love with the UK’s waterways through holidaying in their narrowboat, Patience. This programme follows their decision to sell their huge house in South Africa and build a bespoke floating home in Bedford.

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for More4, Cineflix, Foxtel