Engine Earth

Professor Chris Jackson travels back into deep geological time charting the earth’s climate

Water World

Dr Helen Czerski shows how the ocean distributes heat and nutrients around our planet

Up in the Air

Dr Tara Shine takes a deep breath and marvels at something we all take for granted: oxygen

Water World

Dr Helen Czerski unpicks the Ocean’s heating and plumbing systems, showing how whale poo, underwater waterfalls and zooplankton are all vital parts of an engine that distributes heat and nutrients around our planet.

She’ll voyage from the cities of the ocean to its deserts, and from the deepest depths to the ocean surface, through the alien inner structure of the ocean that is home for so much of Earth’s life. This planetary life support system plays a critical role in generating weather, providing food and connecting trade routes. The ocean is an under-appreciated resource. Helen tells us what we need to know to be good citizens of an ocean planet.

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