Engine Earth

Professor Chris Jackson travels back into deep geological time charting the earth’s climate

Water World

Dr Helen Czerski shows how the ocean distributes heat and nutrients around our planet

Up in the Air

Dr Tara Shine takes a deep breath and marvels at something we all take for granted: oxygen

The Series

Professor Chris Jackson, Dr Helen Czerski and Dr Tara Shine reveal the wonders of planet Earth with action packed demos and live experiments. 

From Earth’s molten inner engine, to its vast oceans, to its delicately balanced atmosphere, they will unravel astonishing global systems and remarkable natural wonders that govern our climate and help life on Earth to thrive. They’ll also explore how human activity has become an overwhelming geological force throwing the planet’s finely tuned systems out of balance.

What can be done to help reverse these changes and live more sustainably as the human population continues to grow? This set of lectures embark on an epic journey to find out. An immersive user’s guide to a subject as big as the Earth itself.


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3 x 60' for BBC4