A Perfect Storm

This film charts the extraordinary story through the eyes of the people who were there

The Silent Killer

This film follows the network of resolute humanitarians who work with the local government and affected communities

Paradise Lost

Hurricane Dorian, the strongest hurricane in the Bahamas' history

The Series

Natural disasters are happening with increased frequency and ferocity, as the planet warms, unleashing extreme weather.


What happens when disaster strikes? Can people recover before they are hit again? And can the world adapt to cope with this rise in disasters? 

When Disaster Strikes reveals the mechanics of disaster relief from the inside. The series follows the local governments and people responding on the ground, supported by specialist international teams who fly in critical supplies and personnel. Everyone must learn on their feet as they try to bring order to chaos, hope from despair.

In 2019 major disasters struck the dry expanses of Somalia, lush lowlands of Mozambique and tropical islands of The Bahamas. 

In Mozambique, a cyclone brought biblical floods. 

In Somalia, a deadly drought destroyed lives and livelihoods. 

In The Bahamas, an historic hurricane ravaged whole islands. 

Each film charts the response to one of these devastating disasters over several months. Survivors helping each other in the face of adversity, UN leaders and humanitarians bringing their tried-and-tested skills from around the world, government ministers responsible for guiding their communities through these unprecedented crises; they all tell their extraordinary personal stories of determination and hope.

The effects of these tragedies will be felt for years to come. Community resilience and international aid will be stretched to their limits. No one is immune. How far can we prepare before disaster strikes again? 

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