Dream Island Home

The Nickel team lift and haul this monster 45-ton house over land and ocean

Dream Forest House

A 2-bedroom single story house moved 100 miles through steep narrow muddy roads

Colossal Coach Houses

Hauling two adjoining 1950’s houses to their new location

Classic Craftsman House

The Nickel crew face a herculean task battling road signs, overhead wires and narrow roads

Dream Waterfall House

Hauling a monster wide load up onto a narrow barge 50 miles over land and sea

Fantasy Island Escape

Recycling a house by moving it 60 miles to the new plot on a remote island

Riverside Ranch House

Dark roads, steep hills and a heavy house make this one monster move

Island Beach House

One day to split, lift and haul the house up against unexpected hurdles that put the move in jeopardy

Mid Century Cabin

A 4-bedroom, avant-garde mid-century property moved 60 miles from a neighbouring island

Island Farmhouse

Moving this 60-ton monster will prove an epic challenge for the Nickels crew

Colossal Coach Houses

A couple looking to downsize have bought a ¾ acre plot with easy access of the water. To fill that plot, they are recycling two adjoining 1950’s houses for the property.

That’s where the Nickel Bros. come in, not only selling them the two units, but also needing to split, lift and haul them on 72-foot convoy to the barge site. Keeping them intact will be no easy feat.

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