Mission to Mars

Was there ever life on Mars?

Hunting White Holes

We reveal the latest research to track down these weird cosmic creations

Life and Death of the Milky Way

The latest research and discoveries about how galaxies are born, live and die

Jupiter: Secrets of the Solar System

Investigating the mysteries locked inside the mega-planet Jupiter

Secrets of the Asteroids

This episode unpacks NASA’s Osiris REx mission to return a sample of rock from asteroid Bennu

Inside Space's Great Wall

Can the search for a mysterious invisible particle unlock how the Universe builds a structure so massive?

Mystery of the Dead Planets

This episode reveals the raw destructive power of our galaxy

Mystery of the Giant Ice Planets

New experiments and next generation telescopes are finally revealing what makes these planets so strange

The Series

Strip the Cosmos unlocks the biggest mysteries in the Universe.  Did life ever exist on Mars?  What invisible forces build a cosmic mega-structure over one billion light years across?  Where can astronomers find the elusive white holes that Einstein predicts?

To solve these and other mysteries, we hitch a ride with NASA’s pioneering Perseverance Rover as it carries out its mission to sniff out the signs of ancient life on Mars.  We piece together new evidence to reveal the super-strange material that lies at the centre of the giant ice planets at the farthest reaches of our Solar System.  We search for alien worlds in orbit around distant stars to solve the mystery of how Jupiter shaped life on Earth.  We get closer than ever before to a potential killer asteroid with NASA’s Osiris REx spacecraft.

CGI cracks open planets, dives inside giant space rocks, plunges through alien atmospheres and goes through wormholes to visit some of the most alien parts of the Universe in the quest to solve the biggest mysteries in the cosmos.

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8 x 60' for Discovery Science Channel, Discovery Asia, Servus, Red Bull, Cineflix, Welt N24 Germany, DMAX