Secrets of Tutankhamun

The mysteries of Tutankhamun are unlocked, and archaeologists find a tomb of great importance

Hunt for Queen Nefertiti

Archaeologists unearth surprising finds on their hunt for Egypt’s Queen Nefertiti

Mysteries of the Sphinx

Archaeologists search for clues to unlock the Mysteries of the Great Sphinx

Search for Cleopatra

Egyptologists make breakthroughs in the search for Cleopatra, and unlock secrets of her Royal home

Ramesses the Great Empire Builder

Egyptologists uncover Ramses hidden palace and try to unlock the secrets of his success

Secrets of the Pyramids

Archaeologists explore Egypt’s oldest necropolis to investigate the origins of the pyramids

Death of the Pyramids

Archaeologists investigate why Egyptians abandoned pyramids, and expose an ancient tomb

Curse of the Mummy

Archaeologists hunt for the most intriguing Egyptian artefacts of all... Mummies

Death of the Pyramids

Archaeologists search for clues to explain why Ancient Egyptians abandoned pyramids just a few centuries after the first was built. The hunt takes them from the original pyramid, across the desert to the Red Sea, while inscriptions discovered inside the tombs of Pharaohs reveal the threats royal mummies faced. Meanwhile, a four thousand year-old tomb is dug out of the sands in Egypt’s far south.

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