How to Get Lucky

Dr Hannah Fry uncovers the secrets of luck

How to Bend the Rules

How data-gobbling algorithms have taken over our lives and now control almost everything we do

How Can We All Win?

How far should we be going with our mathematical skills?

The Series

Dr Hannah Fry reveals the hidden numbers, rules and patterns that govern every aspect of our world, using mind-boggling demos and daring live experiments. From busting the myth of luck, to discovering the secret algorithms that control everything we do, Hannah will explore the role maths plays in our lives, in ways we could never imagine. Venturing to the edge of our control, she reveals what happens when it goes wrong, and delves into the world of fake news to discover how to separate the truth from the lies. This immersive set of lectures will open your eyes to the hidden mathematics in our modern world, ultimately giving you tips and tricks to use to your advantage. Get ready to make your own luck, bend the world to your will, and win against all the odds. Maths is a powerful force to reckon with, and you want it on your side. 

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3 x 60' for BBC4