Monster Moves Episode 1 - Ship Sink

A team of maritime engineers battle to move and sink a huge US Navy ship in the Cayman Islands.

Monster Moves Episode 2 - Spectacular Spitfire

A team of aviation engineers attempt to move a historic Spitfire fighter aircraft

Monster Moves Episode 3 - Titanic Trains

An intrepid team race to rescue two rare Churchill steam Locomotives.

Monster Moves Episode 4 - Mammoth Machines

Two teams of movers race against the clock to relocate a submarine attack aircraft.

Monster Moves Episode 5 - Ocean Odyssey

A team of movers must transport a fleet of bespoke racing yachts.

Monster Moves Episode 6 - Mountain Mission

A team of engineers race against the clock to move a colossal telescope.

The Series

Imagine the supersize task of moving a powerless US Navy ship over 1,600 miles from Virginia to the Cayman Islands and then control sinking her to the bottom of the ocean to create an artificial dive reef….

Imagine the Herculean task of hauling two fragile, 100-ton Steam Locomotives over 850 miles across treacherous mountain terrain to return them to the UK from Turkey…

Imagine the challenge of shipping a vintage Spitfire aircraft worth over £1million, 6,000km from the UK to America for a private collector…

These are the kind of daunting challenge facing teams of heavy haulers in the fifth series of the popular engineering series, MONSTER MOVES.

The six-part series returns with some of the most daring and dangerous relocation projects ever attempted. This season, we follow teams hauling a wide variety of structures by road, rail, sea and air across the UK, America, Canada, Germany, France and Chile. This year, the structures are even bigger and the routes a lot longer and riskier. The stakes for both the haulers - and owners - are much higher.

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