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Giant Animal Moves: Elephants

This episode follows a team attempt to capture and move a herd of 80 elephants.


This episode follows the move of two silvertip sharks from Cairns Australia to Dubai.

Racing Horses

We follow a team attempting to move twenty of the world's finest racehorses.

Giant Animal Moves: Rhino

Moving five mighty black rhinos 1,000 miles across Africa.

The Series

ANIMAL MEGA MOVES (aka ‘Giant Animal Moves’) follows the daredevil adventures of specialist vets and transport engineers as they attempt to relocate herds of elephants, killer sharks, rhino’s and horses across the globe by air, sea, train and road.  

In each action-packed episode, teams of movers race against time to move monstrous mammals…enormous elephants, colossal crocodiles, gigantic giraffes, supersize sharks and weighty whales….no animal is off limits!

The movers are big thinking, larger than life characters working with the ultimate delivery deadline - their cargo must always arrive on time, intact….and alive.

The tasks involve mind-boggling engineering problems and logistics. High-rise crates need constructing to hold giraffes. Aircraft innards need reinforcing to support the weight of a shark pool. Herds of elephants need rounding….into a train.

There are races against time, battles against storms and quarrels in quarantine.

Stunning 3D CGI animation peels away the animal’s skin to explore its anatomy and explain the biological, psychological and engineering challenges of moving each living beast. 

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