The Film

From the first rocket-powered gliders to the epic journey to Mars, this trilogy of films charts the triumphs and tragedies of the Soviet space programme.

Throughout the Cold War the details of the missions had always remained a closely guarded Soviet state secret.  But in 1991 Windfall managed to gain remarkable access to some of the key players who had taken part in this heroic but turbulent story. For the first time, the cosmonauts themselves dared to speak openly about what really happened on some of the early ill-fated missions. The truth about the near catastrophes and disasters that had been left out of the history books was now finally divulged.

Previously unreleased archive film was  ‘found’ and made available to Windfall, and the mist of secrecy surrounding the aborted moon missions was lifted.

The series made a considerable contribution to the historical record, and was awarded an Emmy.

Writer & Producer
3 x 50' for BBC, NOVA/WGBH