Super Bridge

Unlocking the engineering secrets of Montreal’s mighty New Samuel de Champlain bridge

Mega Cruise Ship

The engineering secrets of MSC Bellissima

Mega Plane

One of the biggest cargo aircraft in the world

Super Train

This episode explores under the hood of Europe’s fastest passenger train

Mega Wheel

North America’s tallest big wheel above Sin City

Super Rollercoaster

Revealing the technologies that make Valkyria the ultimate super rollercoaster

Mega Wheel

This episode unlocks the engineering secrets of the Las Vegas High Roller to reveal what tech allows North America’s tallest big wheel to spin over one million people above Sin City each year.  

From its innovative wind-proof, single-rim design that gives passengers near unobstructed 360-degree views; to its ingenious, temperature-controlled capsules that stay level all the way around, this episode showcases the technologies that make the High Roller the ultimate observation wheel.

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for Discovery Science, Welt N24 Germany, Banijay