Classic Steam Locomotive

This episode follows truck crews transporting two trains across the country

Giant Royal Locomotive

Transporting a brand new commuter train by sea and land

Mega Freight Train

Following truck crews transporting a huge freight engine by land and sea

Railway Mega Machine

Huge tasks for the world’s toughest train truckers.

High Speed Super Train

Transporting a brand-new high-speed train and a vintage World War II steam engine

Colossal Coastal Train

Transporting a massive railway locomotive and a heavy-weight diesel engine across the country

Colossal Coastal Train

This episode follows truck crews transporting a massive railway repair locomotive by land and sea and a heavy-weight diesel engine across the country.

The Train Truckers head to Germany to collect multi-million-pound maintenance machine that is so large it will need to be loaded onto two trucks. Drivers Zak Bancroft & Kevin Norris have packed their passports for this mammoth mission that needs them to load the train on the dockside before spending a day at sea and then driving the 167 tonne machine down to London. Once they arrive in the capital, both trucks will have to navigate tight residential streets, packed full of impatient drivers before carefully unloading the valuable machine.

Meanwhile, Eric Harrison and Chris Case head down to Dorset to instigate a heavyweight diesel-engine exchange. The South Devon Railway are swapping their monster Class 37 for a smaller Class 25 and the only way to get the engine to its new home is by road. The route to the nearby Dartmouth and Paignton Steam Railway is just 15 miles, but the roads are too narrow for 105 tonne locomotives so the Class 37 will need to be taken the long way around, adding an extra 24 miles onto the hazardous journey.

A titanic task, even for the world’s toughest Train Truckers

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