Classic Steam Locomotive

This episode follows truck crews transporting two trains across the country

Giant Royal Locomotive

Transporting a brand new commuter train by sea and land

Mega Freight Train

Following truck crews transporting a huge freight engine by land and sea

Railway Mega Machine

Huge tasks for the world’s toughest train truckers.

High Speed Super Train

Transporting a brand-new high-speed train and a vintage World War II steam engine

Colossal Coastal Train

Transporting a massive railway locomotive and a heavy-weight diesel engine across the country

High Speed Super Train

This episode follows truck crews transporting a brand-new high-speed train built in Japan and a vintage World War II steam engine.

Seasoned Train Truckers Kevin Norris and Ceiran Linton Bird head up a convoy moving three brand-new, 50 tonne, state of the art high speed trains, fresh in from Japan. They need to transport them from the North East port of Redcar to the Hitachi factory in Doncaster. It’s a highly risky move right from the start, as gale force winds make it impossible to load each of the £4 million train units at the port.  

Elsewhere, seasoned hauliers Colin Chisnall and Sam Hardman have 24 hours to move a 73 tonne vintage World War II steam engine built by the US army as part of the war effort.  Moving this unwieldy load through narrow country lanes proves a hazardous haul! But nothing compared to the challenge of being forced to unload the colossal engine in the dark.  

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