Classic Steam Locomotive

This episode follows truck crews transporting two trains across the country

Giant Royal Locomotive

Transporting a brand new commuter train by sea and land

Mega Freight Train

Following truck crews transporting a huge freight engine by land and sea

Railway Mega Machine

Huge tasks for the world’s toughest train truckers.

High Speed Super Train

Transporting a brand-new high-speed train and a vintage World War II steam engine

Colossal Coastal Train

Transporting a massive railway locomotive and a heavy-weight diesel engine across the country

Railway Mega Machine

This episode follows truck crews transporting a massive railway crane and classic locomotive across the country.

Heavy haulage experts Ian Bagladi and Jamie Turnbull need to move a classical but abandoned 63-year-old, 70-tonne locomotive, through the English countryside, for her headline show at the world-renowned Great Dorset Steam Fair. The team will have to navigate narrow country lanes, scale up monstrous rural hills and fend off typical British traffic to ensure she has her big moment. Can the train truckers haul this locomotive to the steam fair in time for her Grande Parade?

Elsewhere hauling veterans Terry Savery and Zak Bancroft must transport a 120-tonne, 1940’s retired rail crane, 430 miles south to the seaside town of Margate to start her new life as a classical museum exhibit. Unable to fit on one truck, this railway mega machine must endure heavy storms, an overnight stay in the cold and a complicated dismount into her new home.  Can this team of train trucking specialists deliver both sections of this vintage relic to the museum, on-time and undamaged so the public can benefit from her beauty for many years to come. A huge task for the world’s toughest train truckers.

Sarah Smith
Production Team
Distributed by TCB