Classic Steam Locomotive

This episode follows truck crews transporting two trains across the country

Giant Royal Locomotive

Transporting a brand new commuter train by sea and land

Mega Freight Train

Following truck crews transporting a huge freight engine by land and sea

Railway Mega Machine

Huge tasks for the world’s toughest train truckers.

High Speed Super Train

Transporting a brand-new high-speed train and a vintage World War II steam engine

Colossal Coastal Train

Transporting a massive railway locomotive and a heavy-weight diesel engine across the country

Mega Freight Train

This episode follows truck crews transporting a huge freight engine by land and sea and two classic steam locomotives that need to get across the country. 

Train truckers Zak Bancroft and Alex Whitehouse face a four-day mission to deliver a pair of classic steam locomotives for an Autumn Steam Gala. The duo will travel over 500 miles in order to deliver the Great Western Manor Class and Large Prairie locomotive to the Mid Hants Railway in Hampshire. The truckers will be working to a very tight schedule – the slightest set-back means they’ll miss their deadline and the Steam Gala will be without its star attractions, disappointing hundred of Steam-hungry rail enthusiasts.

Meanwhile, truckers Ian Bagladi and Jamie Turnbull set sail to the port of Rotterdam to collect a Class 66 freight locomotive. The super-sized diesel is heading to the UK for a major over-haul and it needs to be loaded on to a truck before it can board the ferry. Weighing in at 126-tonnes, the mega-freight-train is one of the heaviest engines that the crew will have tackled, so the team are bringing the strongest truck and the longest trailer. It will be a race against the clock for the Train Truckers as they need to load the engine before the next ferry sails. 

A titanic task, even for the world’s toughest Train Truckers

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