Classic Steam Locomotive

This episode follows truck crews transporting two trains across the country

Giant Royal Locomotive

Transporting a brand new commuter train by sea and land

Mega Freight Train

Following truck crews transporting a huge freight engine by land and sea

Railway Mega Machine

Huge tasks for the world’s toughest train truckers.

High Speed Super Train

Transporting a brand-new high-speed train and a vintage World War II steam engine

Colossal Coastal Train

Transporting a massive railway locomotive and a heavy-weight diesel engine across the country

Classic Steam Locomotive

This episode follows truck crews transport a classic steam locomotive and brand new prototype commuter train across the country. Train Truckers Terry Savery & Jason Priest have been called in to move legendary Steam Locomotive Britannia. The 68-year-old locomotive has undergone a major-restoration in Crewe and is scheduled to start running at the Severn Valley Railway. But to get the famous engine to the preserved line, it must be moved 70 miles by road through unforgiving rush hour traffic. 

Meanwhile Gavin Josephs and Callum Broadhurst need to transport a prototype battery-powered commuter train 422 miles to Scotland. The team will have to load it onto two trucks and drive cross-country on a journey that will see them slice a path through narrow, twisting Scottish lanes, a titanic task, even for the world’s toughest Train Truckers

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