Egypt's Ancient Empire

A spectacular aerial journey over Egypt’s dramatic landscapes

Engineering the Future

Aerial photography captures the building of a vast new capital city

The Series

Egypt – an ancient land famous for its great pyramids, temples and tombs.  This was once home to one of the most powerful and pioneering empires on the planet. Now, on a fascinating and dramatic aerial journey that covers the entire country, Egypt From Abovereveals how the vibrant nation of today was born from its dramatic past.

The series will soar through the skies to show how Egypt’s harsh terrain - that is 90 per cent desert - has always been a huge challenge to life here. Airborne cameras will capture what it is like to exist in the sand dunes and arid plains of the Sahara and how the mighty Nile is the life-line of the entire country.  Our cameras will show how modern Egypt is a nation where the magnificent monuments of the ancients are increasingly part of a ground-breaking vision of the future.

With dazzling aerial vistas,Egypt from Aboveunlocks the secrets of the mighty pharaohs and their incredible engineering achievements including the pyramids and the Valley of the Kings. But we will also see how today’s Egyptians are building on the legacy of their ancestors with pioneering schemes that include a new, state-of the-art capital city and world class tourist resorts. But despite the fast rate of modernisation, we will discover that the influence of the mighty ancient Egyptian empire is never far away as we see from above how the spirit of the past is kept alive through events such as a 100km race past pyramids in the scorching deserts that was first attempted in the age of the pharaohs.

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