Episode 1

The first in this three-part stripped event which tells the story of some of the most intense bombing ever experienced by a British city

Episode 2

The true story of Liverpool’s May Blitz continues

Episode 3

The final instalment of this day by day, hour by hour account of the events of the Liverpool Blitz

The Series

Presented by Michael Buerk, Angellica Bell and Rob Bell, this three part stripped event focuses on eight critical days in May 1941, when Britain, and Liverpool in particular, was subjected to one of the most intense bombardments of the Blitz . Using eyewitness accounts and recollections from relatives, The Blitz : Britain on Fire tells the remarkable stories of some of the very different people who were caught up in the bombing, following them hour by hour, day by day.  Over the course of three programmes viewers will discover what happened to each of them- how some survived, often against the odds, but how others were not so lucky.

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3 x 60' for Channel 5
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