The Film

The elephant, nature’s largest land mammal, is also one of nature’s greatest curiosities. This innovative film uses the latest technology to examine its evolution and attempt to answer the age-old questions about this giant species.

How did the elephant get its trunk? How does a creature that weighs over seven tons walk, barely audible, on its tip-toes? How do they manage to communicate across distances of over ten miles? These and many more questions are explained using a pioneering combination of computer animation and observational filming.

We are also given a fresh look at the mammal’s natural history. Using computer graphics, watch the elephant transform back to a wooly mammoth before your eyes and marvel at its remarkable place in evolution. This film provides a comprehensive portrait of these captivating giants who have roamed the earth for millions of years.

Producer & Director
1 x 60' for Discovery
Distributed by Discovery Communications, LLC