The Film

With extraordinary access to developing case histories, these two observational documentary series reflect, from an insider’s perspective, what it is like to face, and then take, very difficult decisions and then live with the consequences.

Series Two: Social Work Dilemmas

-   Should a frisky fifteen year old girl who is kicked out by her mother when she falls pregnant be allowed to keep her baby once it is born?

-   Should a 14 year old teenager who is in constant trouble with the police be placed in care?

-   Is it ok to move a “hard to place” mixed race 11 year old with mild autism from a comfortable foster home and place him instead in the hands of the only woman who is prepared to adopt him?

Series two gave an equal voice to the children at the centre of each story.  It won the RTS Best Documentary Series award.

Executive Producer
Filmed and Directed by
6 x 50' for Channel 4