The Film

Bonfires, thieving and love in Halifax. An award-winning hybrid of documentary and drama that lets teenagers act out their lives in a West Yorkshire council estate.

Trevor is a typical seventeen year old dosser living on a housing estate in the North of England. He smokes ‘blow’, joyrides and burgles houses, and also writes poetry. His muse is his next door neighbour, sixteen year old Amie. Every morning he works on a poem that will express his feelings and maybe win Amie’s heart.

However, Trevor is no Tom Cruise, and Amie is already pregnant by another man. Trevor’s losing streak continues when one of the houses he burgles belongs to Amie’s favourite granddad. Trevor decides to give up his life of crime and go straight, so he gets a job in a chicken factory. Can Trevor stick it out and prove he can be a suitable father for Amie’s child?

Twockers places authentic characters, situations and places in a fictional framework. By acting out their real life adventures Trevor and his friends give us an insight into what it feels like to be young and have dreams on a drab council estate with no way out.

Producer & Director
1 x 50' for BBC2
Distributed by BBC Worldwide