The Film

The location: a dream hotel on a Turkish island. Each week, a new group of tourists arrive from a different country – from England, Germany, Japan and the USA.  Each group in turn think they are here to enjoy an idyllic one week holiday – but all is not what it seems…

Unknown to the tourists, the hotel is bristling with hidden cameras and microphones – it is a wired-up human laboratory. Each group in turn is exposed to the same series of carefully staged stunts, events and mini-disasters designed to test their patience and good humour to the limit.

The secret cameras record their every move to discover whether their behaviour conforms to national stereotypes. Are the Japanese really humourless? The Germans the most arrogant? The British the coolest under pressure? The Americans the most easy-going?

The show is full of surprises, revelations and moments of pure hilarity as myths are exploded in front of our eyes.

Produced 15 years ago, The Tourist Trap has been heralded as the world’s first Reality TV series, and a startlingly original use of television.

Executive Producer
Series Producer
6 x 30' for Channel 4, Pro 7, TLC