The Film

Ancient engineering mysteries are unravelled by engineers and archaeologists, as they reconstruct achievements of the past using only the tools available at the time.

Four programmes that, through investigation and reconstruction, attempt to reveal the secrets of the first submarine, 'Greek fire', the Assyrian war chariot and the cranes that hoisted the stones that created Gothic cathedrals.

This form of action archaeology involves disagreement and strife.  At the heart of each experiment lies a mystery.  Tempers often become frayed, as rivals offer alternative theories.

Yet by the end of the film the squabbles give way to a remarkable sense of achievement. Whatever the outcome, there is always a feeling of awe at the ingenuity of the ancients.

Also known as Reinventing the Past

Executive Producer
Series Producer
Production Manager
4 x 50' for Channel 4, Discovery, History TV, France 5
Distributed by Echo Bridge Entertainment