Legend of the Minotaur

Shocking discoveries on the Greek island of Crete could shed new light on the Minotaur - a ferocious half-man, half-bull monster

Mystery of the Pyramid Serpent

Investigators explore a mysterious pyramid in Mexico to discover the secrets of the fearsome Feathered Serpent

Monsters of the Deep

Did a real creature inspire the myth of the Kraken, one of the greatest sea monsters of all time?

Lost World of the Giants

Investigators hunt for the truth behind one of Greece’s greatest myths – the giant one-eyed Cyclops

Secrets of the Sphinx

How did the sphinx become an evil monster and why has it survived for more than 4000 years?

Terror of the Dragons

The dragon was the ultimate mythical beast; why did so many civilizations believe in this terrifying, fire breathing monster?

Killer Vampires

Could the discovery of brutally impaled corpses in Eastern Europe shed new light on the origins of the vampire myths?

Curse of the Living Dead

What were demons and why did they terrify the people of medieval Europe?

Curse of the Werewolf

Why were hundreds of people executed as werewolves in Europe?

Hunting the Loch Ness Monster

Could a prehistoric monster really exist in Scotland’s famous Loch Ness?

Curse of the Living Dead

What were demons and why did they terrify the people of medieval Europe?

Demons were insidious mythical beasts. Medieval people believed that these shapeshifting spirts could take any form and enter a human body to control its host. Experts investigate the disturbing ways that our ancestors tried to combat demons, from exorcism to charms and even gruesome brain surgery. In Europe, people thought that demons were fallen angels who were intent on corrupting humanity; hundreds of women were accused of conspiring with these demons and brutally executed as witches. And what is the truth behind the stories of fairies and changelings? These malevolent creatures were far from the friendly beings of modern folklore. 

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