The Film

OPERATION BRIDGE RESCUE follows the race to rebuild the Blenheim Covered Bridge in New York  – an icon of early American engineering.  Built in 1855, it was the longest single span covered bridge in the world, but Hurricane Irene destroyed this National Historic Landmark in 2011.

Now a team of elite bridge builders and engineers are faithfully reproducing the famous 226-foot long structure. But the clock is ticking – they must build the new 176-ton bridge in the floodplain, then move it up onto new abutments before spring melt water floods their worksite. 

In China, bridge builders face the same challenge protecting their thousand-year-old tradition of woven timber beam covered bridges. These stunning ancient bridges are the heart of their communities; used for trade and worship as well as linking remote villages. But typhoons are also destroying these bridges and the Chinese must find a way to keep bridge building skills alive, or they could die out forever.

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1 x 60' for NOVA/WGBH