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In the Press

"Like the youngsters in the hall, I was riveted by every fact, every experiment and every outlandish sight that Prof Peck served up for our amusement and delectation."
Daily Mail

"If you’re tempted to dismiss this annual series as dull, think again."
Radio Times

"This is a series that might well inspire future explorers."

"Compulsive viewing."

The Film

Antarctica. A beautiful place. A deadly place. This accursed land could kill you in seconds. Yet it holds fascination for adventurers and scientists alike.

What animals can survive in 200 mph winds at -89oC? Just how many burgers would a human need to eat to keep going in those conditions? Professor Lloyd Peck from the British Antarctic Survey brings Antarctica to the lecture theatre, plunging himself into freezing water, getting up close to its huge mammals and climbing into its crevasses. 

Lloyd Peck journeys through the last truly unexplored corner of the globe and reveals the extraordinary world that lies at the bottom of our planet.

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Producer / Director
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3 x 50' for Channel 4