HMS Victory: Nelson's Great War Ship

Rob discovers the incredible story of HMS Victory

Sunk: Mary Rose Secrets From the Deep

Who was really responsible for the sinking of the Mary Rose?

The Golden Hinde

Exploring the extraordinary story of the Golden Hind – the personal ship of England’s most notorious pirate, Sir Francis Drake.

The Cutty Sark

Rob clambers aboard to experience first-hand the beauty and superior design of this perfect sailing ship

SS Great Britain

Rob discovers what life was like on board for the thousands who set sail on this record-breaking ship

HMS Belfast

Rob Bell delves into the fascinating history of the WW2 cruiser HMS Belfast

The Series

Visiting the ships as they stand today, Rob Bell will reveal how and why these monumental vessels were originally built. He’ll uncover a murder on board on the Cutty Sark, reveal the mystery of why the Mary Rose sank and discover how HMS Belfast helped turn the tide on D-Day.

From Nelson on board HMS Victory to Sir Francis Drake on the Golden Hind, Rob will reveal how daring, genius and dazzling invention led to Britain becoming the world’s greatest sea power.

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Amy Bracken
6 x 45' for Channel 5
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