The Film

In the spring of 1944, in one steamroller offensive, nearly two hundred thousand troops landed on the coast of France in a last ditch effort to reverse the Nazi occupation of Europe.

It was a plan orchestrated by the greatest military minds the Allies could muster. But there were others who have been forgotten - a colourful collection of inventors and boffins who were drafted in to design and build an all-new mechanised armoury: machines that could breathe fire, tanks that could swim, and a huge array of other ingenious gadgets and devices that would penetrate the weak spots in Hitler’s impressive defences.

This is their story, and the story of the men who put these machines to the ultimate test on the battlefield - the ordinary soldiers who carried out the greatest amphibious invasion in history.

Executive Producer
1 x 120' for Five, WNET, NGCI
Distributed by ITV Global Entertainment Ltd