Episode 1 - Viking City of the Dead

New discoveries across the Viking world are revealing more about the story of Harold Bluetooth

Episode 2 - Lost Pyramids of Peru

The incredible Pyramids of Caral laying buried beneath Peru’s desert sands

Episode 3 - Forbidden City of the Pharaohs

Stunning CGI blows apart the city’s great monuments to reveal the secrets of these astonishing structures

Episode 4 - Statue of Liberty's Hidden Secrets

The Statue of Liberty is one of the most famous monuments in the world. But what do we really know about this enigmatic lady?

Episode 5 - Lost Empire of the Minotaur

Knossos has inspired many legends. But what really went on here 4000 years ago?

Episode 6 - Lost World of Easter Island

Why did the people of Easter Island carve so many of these magnificent monuments only to pull them down?

Episode 7 - Rome's Apocalypse

Revealing more about how a superpower of the ancient world came to its knees

Episode 8 - Pompeii Volcano Apocalypse

New discoveries reveal the horror of the cataclysm that wiped out this metropolis

Episode 9 - Mystery of the Bent Pyramid

Was this strange pyramid always intended to look like this? Or did something go catastrophically wrong?

Episode 10 - Titanic the Last Secrets

Why did more than 1500 people lose their lives and can the investigations reveal if there was a way to save almost everyone on board?

Episode 11 - Secrets of the Forbidden City

Why is it so big and how did the emperors use this mega-palace to rule China with an iron fist?

Episode 12 - Inca Apocalypse The Dark Evidence

Why did the mighty Inca civilization that lived here fall to a handful of Spanish Conquistadors?

Episode 13 - Egypt's Lost Skyscrapers

In building up Thebes, were the pharaohs sowing the seeds of their own downfall?

Episode 14 - Ghosts of the Stone Age

Unearthing where Stone Age builders lived

Episode 15 - Lost City of the Maya

A team of experts unlock Tikal's mysteries to reveal how it rose from jungle backwater to Maya superpower

The Series

UNEARTHED returns for a third season of active investigations and incredible CGI, revealing fresh insights into the myths and mysteries behind ancient civilizations and the iconic megastructures they built.

This series follows scientists using groundbreaking technology to delve inside ancient wonders and reveal artifacts lost for centuries. Immersive CGI animation pulls them apart - stone by stone - to expose their construction secrets. 

The series explores the mysteries of ancient and modern wonders we follow investigators who are working to both preserve and understand these iconic monuments – the architects, archaeologists and scientists who have made it their life’s work to study and protect the buildings they love.  

The series joins archaeologists as they venture into Pompeii’s last unexplored quarter; it reveals how the ancient Egyptians built Karnak by raising an obelisk using traditional techniques; it meets the maritime engineers smashing ice and metal to discover how the Titanic could have survived its fatal collision with an iceberg; and it joins investigators uncovering nearly 1000 years of history beneath the Statue of Liberty.

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17 x 60' for Discovery Science Channel, France TV, N-TV Germany