Episode 1

Tony Robinson sends his drones around an immense stately home

Episode 2

Drones discover the mysterious workings of a sewage plant

Episode 3

Discovering the largest cave complex in Britain

Episode 4

Exploring the hidden world of some much misunderstood creatures - bats!

Episode 5 - Heatwave Special

Investigating how the 2018 summer’s long dry spell created the perfect conditions for the mysterious, ‘parch marks’, that led to these remarkable discoveries

The Series

Britain may be small, but everywhere you turn there are places that are hidden from public view - their secrets locked away behind high walls and heavy gates.

No access has been allowed... until now. 

In this new series of Hidden Britain by Drone,  history and travel enthusiast, Sir Tony Robinson, uses the latest aerial filming technology to show us new aspects of our country in a completely different way. 

Dispatching flying cameras of every shape and size, Tony opens up the far reaches of Britain. He soars above historic sites normally closed off to visitors, gets behind the doors of some of our biggest British brands,  explores some top-secret military locations, and finds unexpected hidden treasures in pockets of our rolling countryside. 

Join Tony and his drones in an aerial adventure of Hidden Britain. 

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4 x 60' for Channel 4
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