An avalanche warning in the Rockies threatens to derail one of Canadian Pacific’s most important $50 million-dollar loads

Bridge Over Hell Creek

Will the Ontario Northland Railroad overcome freezing temps to deliver junior first nations hockey players to a tournament

Tunnel to Hell

Train crews in the Rockies must haul their 15,000 ton grain train through Winter’s worst storm, battling blizzards and dangerous descents through ice-encrusted tunnels to make their delivery on time

Deadly Washout

A spike in the temperature sends Rocky Mountain Rail crews scrambling as mudslides and washouts threaten to close this vital lifeline


Lethal rockslides and broken track threaten Canadian Pacific’s longest and heaviest train

Record Breaking Haul

Canadian Pacific freight crews take on their most challenging load of the season hauling a 210 tonne reactor on an epic cross country journey

Perfect Storm

The Ontario Northland Railway is reuniting a drumming group for an important Powwow ceremony

The Longest Journey

A challenging bridge overhaul and a dangerous nighttime track replacement threaten to derail Canadian Pacific Railways epic journey to mark Canada’s 150th birthday

Perfect Storm

After a brutal winter Canadian Pacific Rail repair crews are out in full force across the mountain tracks. Armies of men and women manning massive machines have just weeks to replace miles of weathered and worn down tracks but it’s a battle for the track as the critical freight trains still need to keep running. It’s a perfect storm. Veteran conductor Jordy Hunter and his young conductor Tom Waverly must dodge the track repairs to make their delivery of grain to Vancouver Port, on time and in one piece. Whilst in Ontario, the Polar Bear Express is helping reunite a drumming group for an important Powwow ceremony and transporting some furry, 4 legged passengers. 



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