Episode 1 - Futuristic Floating Home

Setting out to design and build an extraordinary new home

Episode 2 - First Time Floating Home

Will Ani and Charles pull off a near miracle to produce a Thames floating home fit for a cool stylish first home?

Episode 3 - Giant Historic Ship

Converting a century old barge into a three tiered contemporary floating apartment

Episode 4 - Huge River Homes

With just a 16 week schedule battling bad weather and the enormous daily tide that lifts and drops the boat by several metres twice a day

Episode 5 - Modern Water Living

Two houseboat owners on their journeys to creating their dream homes on the water

Episode 6 - Million Dollar Mansions

Dreams become a reality for two more houseboat builders in Canada

Episode 7 - Waterborne Caravan

Will this fragile fibreglass blast from the past actually float?

Episode 8 - Floating Summer Homes

Two more difficult challenges for houseboat builders in the UK and the US

Episode 5 - Modern Water Living

In this episode London based Karen Boswell struggles to afford her own home, so she decides to design and build a stylish houseboat, which she plans to moor near the Grand Union Canal. She’s gone to town on her modern industrial bathroom design, indulging in a set of twin showers as well as a bath. But space becomes a problem for the build team who are tasked with constructing her rather large bed, leaving Karen with a dilemma. Is she going to have to compromise on her design? In the end this novice sailor cruises down the canal at the helm of her new home. She has a stunning living space with modern bespoke interiors, endless waterside views from huge brass trimmed windows, and a sumptuous deck on which to entertain and soak in the tranquil ambience of the stunning Colne Valley.  

Fed up with her cramped city apartment, sportswear manager Marsha sets out to build a spacious two story floating home on the idyllic Multnomah Channel near Portland, Oregon with an open living space and unobscured views of the river. Father and daughter build team, Ryan and Aime have never built a floating house before, and are doubly challenged when they’re hit by an onslaught of snow, ice and epic flooding. Despite severe delays due to the weather and last minute changes, the dramatic ten month long build is worth the effort—Marsha ends up the proud owner of a stunning home with spacious interiors and fantastic views.

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for Channel 4
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