The Film
Shabaz is 26 and likes hip hop, football and Versace.   His mum, who he lives with in West Ham, has chosen a girl for him to marry.  She lives in a village in Pakistan.  Shabaz wants to get to know her and make his own mind up, but when he arrives in her village the elders won’t allow it.  He will not set eyes on her until the wedding day.  
The film follows Shabaz over 8 months as he struggles to balance his eastern/western influences and find a way to keep himself, his family and his new wife happy. Sabeena is a 25 year old from Manchester, who is in her parents’ view, getting a bit over the hill.  They have given her 6 months to find herself a suitable husband, or they say they will choose one for her.
Sabeena turns to a Muslim matchmaking site on the Internet and finds someone who fits her parents’ criteria.  But will he make Sabeena happy?  The film follows her ups and downs as she tries to please her parents and be a good Muslim girl without giving up her life to a man she hardly knows. 
Executive Producer
Filmed and Directed by
2 x 50' for Channel 4