Episode 1 - The Secret of Life

It's been called the biggest discovery of all times. But it didn't happen by chance - it was a race.

Episode 2 - Playing God

The story of the first genetic engineers

Episode 3 - The Human Race

The race to catalogue the human genome

Episode 4 - Curing Cancer

Using DNA technology to beat cancer

Episode 5 - Pandora's Box

Jim Watson gives us a tour of the future of DNA

The Series

60 years ago two unknown scientists burst into a pub in Cambridge and declared “We have found the Secret of Life!”. James Watson and Francis Crick had worked out the wonder of  the DNA molecule. Their breakthrough has been described as the single most important discovery of all time.

This comprehensive five part series charts the history of DNA science - from the discovery of its double helix structure to the mapping of the human genome. It examines the latest research and its more controversial applications.

At the heart of the series are the very human stories behind the scientific experiments and discoveries, introducing viewers to the brilliant, passionate, fiercely competitive, sometimes quirky individuals on the front line.  Biologically precise computer animations bring the incredible world of molecular biology vividly to life.

The show won critical acclaim and multiple awards, including an Emmy.

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Molecular Graphics
5 x 50' for Channel 4, WNET
Distributed by Channel Four International