The Film
They say it is not a question of if, but when. 
They say we’re not prepared. 
They call it the poor man’s atom bomb – a bioweapon in the hands of a terrorist.
This film takes an uncomfortably close-up look at the 6 most dangerous micro-organisms on the planet – the CDC’s “Big Six”. We examine their biology, strategy and how they have been used in the past. And then we ask the question what these deadly creatures could do in the wrong hands.
The scenario of a terror attack with such a weapon could be horrific: But how realistic is it? How would it be done? And what kind of counter measures do we have?  
If biological agents are so easy to come by, why have terrorists not used them? If bacteria and viruses can be manipulated so easily with genetic engineering, why has no one invented the ultimate killer bug in their garage? Or have they?
Executive Producer
Associate Producer
Writer & Producer
1 x 50' for NGCI
Distributed by NGC Network International, LLC