The Film
With unprecedented interview access and new dramatic reconstructions, experience this catastrophic event through the eyes of the surviving sailors. On April 2nd 1982 Argentinian troops invade the Falkland Islands. The HMS Coventry, a key warship in the British fleet is sent to join the conflict. Despite knowing the odds are against them, they are a successful and confident crew under a trusted leader - Captain David Hart-Dyke.
As other ships are targeted around them, the Coventry feels invincible. But their luck is about to run out. At the height of the conflict, Coventry is sent on a suicide mission to deliberately act as bait for enemy fighter-bombers. Obligingly, on May 25th the Argentinian Air Force sends waves of Skyhawk Jets armed with British made bombs to take out the British destroyer. At first Coventry has the upper hand, claiming three kills with her Sea Dart missiles, but just as Captain Hart-Dyke thinks he has weathered the storm, the Argentinians launch one last attack...??
Three bombs hit Coventry, killing 19 men and leaving many of the crew badly injured. The survivors scramble through choking black smoke, scaling buckling ladders as the dying ship is listing dangerously. They finally jump overboard into the freezing South Atlantic. Within 20 minutes the ship has capsized. 
It has taken 25 years for the Captain to be able to talk about these events. This film uses his testimony, together with that of some of his ship's company in a combination of interviews, dramatic reconstructions, and archive, allowing us to witness the unfolding catastrophe through their eyes.
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1 x 60' for BBC2
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