The Film

Should a woman with learning disabilities be sterilized to allow her to continue a sexual relationship with her boyfriend without the risk of pregnancy? An innovative ‘reality drama’ from the same team who made  Born With Two Mothers.

Anna Taylor is 24 and has a learning disability. To her mother she is a child of 5 who should be kept away from men. But when she is rushed into hospital, it is revealed that she has suffered a miscarriage. She met Richard, the man who made her pregnant, at her Day Care Centre. Richard has Downs Syndrome, and the care workers there encouraged the relationship to develop.

Following the miscarriage, Anna's contraceptive options are severely limited - sterilisation would be the procedure of choice. Is Anna's relationship with Richard pleasurable and valuable - or abusive and illegal? Would sterilisation liberate her, or make her susceptible to further abuse? A judge decides.

Line Producer
Associate Producer
1 x 75' for Channel 4
Distributed by Windfall Films Ltd.