HeavyHaulers Video Image

Episode 1

Buchanan Historic House

Episode 2

Washington Button Factory

Episode 3

Tipton Historic Church & Villiage

Episode 4

Muscatine Historic House

The Series
HEAVY HAULERS follows the dangerous and dirty exploits of Jeremy Patterson and his larger than life family who move record-breaking superstructures across America for a living. 
Jeremy, wife Tonya and 12-year old son Greg, race against the clock, battling extreme weather to move mansions, trains, planes, churches and ships intact hundreds of miles over treacherous terrain.  
This series follows Jeremy attempting to shift a brittle 1,500-ton historic brick warehouse in the middle of Washington Iowa, a church with a colossal 40ft tall steeple, a super-long pig farm building and a beautiful family home.  
His team must battle freezing winter weather and raging thunderstorms to complete each epic mission.
Will all the buildings reach their new location in one piece?
4 x 45' for TLC, Five
Distributed by Discovery Communications, LLC