Episode 1 - Supersize Submarine

A team of marine engineers attempt to move a Cold War Submarine across land and sea.

Episode 2 - Titanic Towns

Two teams of building movers face the fraught task of moving two towns under threat.

Episode 3 - Millionaire's Mega Yachts

A team of marine engineers attempt to move fleet of Mega Yachts across the Atlantic.

Episode 4 - Million-Dollar Mansions

Two teams of building movers attempt to move two mansions each worth over $1million.

Episode 5 - Colossal Courthouse

A team of movers attempts the biggest building move of the year : a 1,000ton brick Courthouse.

Episode 6 - Supersize Steamship

A team of movers attempts to move a classic Mississippi Steamboat 80 miles across land.

Episode 2 - Titanic Towns
In Quebec, Canada, a crew attempt to relocate over 170 homes that are sitting on top of 8 billion dollars worth of gold. They must work fast to relocate the town of Malartic so that miners can reach the precious reserves while the price of gold remains high. 

In Raleigh North Carolina, a second team attempt to move a suburb of colossal historic mansions across the bustling city to rescue them from demolition. The century old mansions each weigh over 200 tons and are extremely fragile. Can they be moved intact? 
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