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Episode 1 - The Conquest of Cold

Solving the perplexing mystery of cold - beginning with the early superstars of science and ending with the father of frozen food - Clarence Birdseye.

Episode 2 - The Race for Absolute Zero

This film charts the intense competition between rival scientists as they plunge ever further down the temperature scale to reach their Holy Grail - Absolute Zero.

The Series
In the last hundred years cold has transformed the way we live and work. It is hard to imagine life without refrigeration, air conditioning and liquefied gases - used in everything from MRI scanners to space rockets.

Absolute Zero is the ultimate limit of cold – a Holy Grail - as exciting for scientists as the North and South Poles were to the great polar explorers. This is the story of an epic journey in the quest for cold, from the dark beginnings to an ultra-cool frontier.
Producer & Director
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2x60' for BBC4, NOVA/WGBH, ARTE
Distributed by PBS International