The Film
Who are the most romantic men on earth? If there were an Olympics of Love which nation would win gold? How much of our courting behaviour is innate and how much is cultural? Love Trap puts the mating rituals of different nationalities under the microscope to find out.

Five men from across the world are brought to London - their mission,  to win the heart of Carolina, a 24-year-old, single girl from Sweden.

On separate weeks Carolina dates an Italian, a German, an Australian, an Ugandan and a Brit.  The men don’t know about one another. Each thinks he alone is being filmed for some kind of international dating show. Each is determined to win Carolina’s heart. 

With the help of hidden cameras and stooges, Carolina separates the men from the boys as she puts them through the same set of secret romantic tests.

As the streets of London are turned into a love lab, viewers will see if national stereotypes really hold true. The men face challenges including dealing with a 6ft 6in rival, dodgy cab drivers, a street mugger, naked saunas, and temptation in the shape of a gorgeous honey trap girl.

Will the Brit prove good-humoured, the German assertive and the Italian romantic?  Might the straight-talking Aussie triumph over the gentle Ugandan?  At the end of the romantic experiment, Carolina falls for one of the men.  But which nationality triumphs?
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4 x 50' for Channel 4
Distributed by Channel 4 International